Outside the U.S.

Historically, institutional investors based outside the United States have refrained from seeking leadership roles in securities fraud class actions brought in United States courts.

The simple reason is that many of these institutional investors are not aware that they may assert claims in the United States. Recently, however, courts in the United States have appointed foreign institutional investors as lead plaintiffs in class actions on behalf of both United States and foreign investors. As such, there is an increased incentive for foreign investors, especially foreign institutional investors who have suffered substantial losses, to step forward to lead securities fraud class actions in the United States.

Despite the fact that many foreign institutional investors lose many millions of dollars as a result of corporate fraud, frequently these investors are not aware that they may pursue claims based on these losses. In fact, some foreign institutions are not even aware that certain actions were filed until after the deadline for filing a lead plaintiff application has passed. Similarly, foreign institutions often miss out on recoveringsome or all of their financial losses when a lawsuit settles or a judgment is reached, if the proper claim form is not submitted in a timely fashion.

Kessler Topaz has extensive experience working with investors worldwide, including institutions located outside the United States, such as in Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia and South America. The Firm offers the same professional services to all of its institutional clients, including those located outside the United States. One valuable service the Firm provides is regularly monitoring our institutional clients' investment portfolios so that we can properly advise our clients as to potential securities claims and whether our clients had financial losses as a result. At no cost to our clients, we investigate all potential claims and cross-reference those claims against our clients' trading histories. We personally discuss all pertinent facts and legal options with our clients so that they can properly evaluate if and how they will seek to recover losses. Additionally, regardless of whether our clients decide to pursue formal legal action, we provide our clients with detailed updates on the progress of all litigation which impact our clients' interests. As a result, our clients are best positioned to protect their rights and interests at all stages of litigation.

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