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Diversity & Inclusion


Kessler Topaz thrives because of the extraordinary talents of its attorneys and staff.  That talent has been developed by our commitment to recruit and retain people who reflect the broadest kaleidoscope of life experiences.  Our ultimate goal is to build and maintain a workplace that reflects the breadth of diversity of society so that we may continue to provide our clients with the best legal representation available.  We excel when all members of our community are supported, valued and celebrated for their differences and for the contributions that those differences bring to our clients and ultimately our success.  Therefore, our diversity efforts focus both inward and outward. 


Internally, as a reflection of our belief that diversity and inclusion should be an integral aspect of the management of the Firm, we appointed as the Firm’s Diversity Officers two senior partners, Sharan Nirmul and Jennifer Joost, and maintain a formal committee to oversee the Firm’s initiatives. We also maintain a Human Resources Committee comprised of a diverse group of partners within the Firm.  The HR Committee is charged with keeping its finger on the pulse of the culture of the Firm. 

Our culture is one of meritocracy, inclusion, collegiality, diligence, proficiency and passion for the clients we represent.  We are a dynamic and growing firm that is constantly innovating.   As a boutique litigation practice, every hire is mission critical.  We devote substantial resources to finding, recruiting and interviewing the best candidates for the Firm.  We participate in diversity fairs, campus recruitment, and law clerk recruitment to attract the best personnel to the Firm.  We understand the value and personal enrichment that comes from learning and mentoring by senior lawyers.  To that end, we sponsor our own internship programs, including for diverse candidates who may otherwise not be exposed to the practice of law.  We also provide a mentoring program for all young associates as well as opportunities for feedback.

The Firm’s culture is further enhanced by its commitment to policies and programs that support both women and men seeking to balance professional and family life, including:
Generous maternity and paternity leave policies;

  • A policy that enables attorneys to work part-time or flex-time while still maintaining the quality of work and partner and client relationships necessary to stay on track for partnership; and
  • Family emergency leave policy.

Education, exposure, and empowerment around social issues are priorities for the Firm.  For example, each year, Kessler Topaz sponsors and participates in the Pennsylvania Conference for Women --  the largest professional networking and development event in Pennsylvania with over 10,000 attendees.  Our partners and associates also participate in the annual Women in Tech Summit and Women in Legal Conference. We also support organizations that we believe share our values and use high-impact legal strategies to advance the civil, social, and economic rights of those facing discrimination, inequality, and poverty.  These organizations include the American Civil Liberties Union, The Public Interest Law Center, Public Justice Foundation, and Community Legal Aid Society.  


Darren J. Check, Esquire ( or Sharan Nirmul, Esquire (