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What the Courts are Saying

In stating that "[i]t is difficult to overstate the complexity of [the litigation]." Judge Barbadoro noted the extraordinary effort required to pursue the litigation towards its successful conclusion, which also "put [Plaintiffs] at the cutting edge of a rapidly changing area of law."
-The Honorable Paul Barbadoro – United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire – granting final approval of the settlement in In re Tyco International, Ltd. Sec. Lit.
"KTMC has a very strong team that manages to keep strong client relationships. They do this by frequent updates and, in normal years, travel to meet with clients. Their litigation efforts are impressive and as a client you always feel that your interests are being looked after.'"
-The 2021 Edition of the Legal 500 Rankings
". . . I am pleased to approve the settlement. I think it does the best that could be done under the circumstances on behalf of the class. . . . The litigation was complex in both liability and damages and required both professional skill and standing which class counsel demonstrated in abundance."
-The Honorable Harry D. Leinenweber – United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois – in approving the settlement in Henry v. Sears, et al.
"KTMC has its SecuritiesTracker, a very useful tool for us, where we can extract memos describing relevant information of each class action case. We can see the loss suffered for each fund. Also "foreign" class actions are well-described in memos."
-The 2021 Edition of the Legal 500 Rankings
"I know you know that I take this responsibility seriously and try to think hard about these issues. And I do want to compliment class counsel. I think that you behaved responsibly here and gave very good service to the class. They were well served by you."
-The Honorable Denise Cote - United States District Court for the Southern District of New York – addressing Kessler Topaz in the context of approving the settlement of In re The Interpublic Group of Companies Securities Litigation.
"Seriously, I know this is a significant case. I want to compliment all the lawyers on their excellent work they've done, and the parties, of course, can all be justifiably proud of their counsel."
-The Honorable Michael M. Anello - United States District Court for the Southern District of California – addressing Kessler Topaz in the context of denying Defendants' motion for summary judgment and motions to exclude Plaintiffs' experts in Baker v. SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.
"The degree to which you all litigated the case is – you know, I can't imagine attorneys litigating a case more rigorously than you all did in this case. It seems like every conceivable, legitimate, substantive dispute that could have been fought over was fought over to the max. So you, both sides, I think litigated the case as vigorously as any group of attorneys could. The level of representation of all parties in terms of the sophistication of counsel, was, in my view, of the highest levels."
- Judge William E. Smith - District Court of Rhode Island – approving a $120 million settlement days before trial in In re Loestrin 24 Antitrust Litigation
"KTMC has a diverse and strong team and they are also using the right kind of technology to keep clients updated."
-The 2021 Edition of the Legal 500 Rankings

Look, before we adjourn, just on a more personal note, I took this case over very much in midstream and I had a lot of learning to do. One thing that immediately became apparent was that I was inheriting an exceptionally well-lawyered and exceptionally complex case. I've really tried to get my hands dirty reviewing the prior history of the case and the filings that predated me, as well as not insubstantial submissions on my watch.

I have been truly impressed by counsel's work in the case. I wish the caliber of lawyering in this case was the model for all cases before me. It's been a real pleasure inheriting this case and presiding over it, such as it has been since I took it over several years ago. Thank you just for the pleasure of presenting me with just the really first-class lawyering I've gotten all around. It is what makes this job particularly rewarding.

-The Honorable Paul E. Engelmayer - United States District Court for the Southern District of New York - addressing Kessler Topaz In re Zinc Antitrust Litigation (SDNY)