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SecuritiesTracker™ Makes it Easy

Offered at no cost to our institutional clients, SecuritiesTracker™ finds every securities action that impacts your fund, puts it on your radar early and monitors it all the way through resolution and disbursement of any recovery. Simply put, SecuritiesTracker™ is a must-have solution for fulfilling your fiduciary obligations.

More than 350 institutional investors worldwide use SecuritiesTracker™ to stay current on securities fraud, corporate mismanagement and other fiduciary and shareholder cases. The SecuritiesTracker™ program includes:

  • New case summaries and analyses: When a case is filed that impacts your portfolio, you’ll receive a report detailing facts, class descriptions and filing deadlines, as well as your estimated financial losses and the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Where appropriate, we’ll recommend a course of action to help you maximize loss recovery.
  • Quarterly Reports: Customized periodic updates of significant developments in cases affecting your investments, including listings of all settled cases and deadlines for filing claims.
  • Email alerts: Real-time notice of new postings to your custom SecuritiesTracker™ page.
  • Claims administration and filing: Whenever a securities action in which your fund has a financial interest resolves via settlement or judgment, we work to ensure that claims are filed and paid. We’ll complete and file all necessary proofs of claim (regardless of whether we are actively litigating the matter), help resolve issues with claims administrators and make sure that you receive payment in full.
  • Settlement Chart: A personalized settlement chart showing every dollar we’ve recovered from securities class action settlements on your behalf.

Up-to-date Information

SecuritiesTracker™ works 24/7,  365 days a year. So even when you’re at a conference, on an airplane or in another time zone,  we stay on top of your portfolio.

Customized Reports

SecuritiesTracker™ reports are based on information we receive from you about your transactional history. You’ll receive only information that affects securities in your portfolio, without wading through a lot of extraneous material.

Readily Accessible

Using SecuritiesTracker™, you can keep information on cases and settlements in a central location where it can be retrieved on demand by multiple people in your organization. Your reports are provided online, and are fully viewable and downloadable on multiple platforms.

Private and Secure

The security of your information is of paramount concern to us. The SecuritiesTracker™ site is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption for safety, and includes no client transaction data. Each of your authorized reviewers (including fund trustees, staff, counsel and other personnel) may have unique usernames and passwords. And our fully-staffed Portfolio Monitoring and Claims Administration Department conducts all SecuritiesTracker™ work in house. None of our services are outsourced.

Director of Operations – Securities Monitoring and Claims Filing
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Client Implementation and Data Manager
Client Relations Manager
Settlement Claims Manager
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