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Data Privacy & Cyber Security


Living in a digital age comes with constantly evolving data privacy and cyber security challenges. New technologies and techniques are being developed on an almost daily basis that provide established companies and hackers alike with new ways to obtain information about you without your consent.  Kessler Topaz is at the forefront of meeting these challenges.

Our experience working with experts, litigating groundbreaking legal theories, and understanding the true harm these practices cause makes us a true leader in protecting our clients’ privacy rights. The Firm’s Data Privacy and Cyber Security Litigation Group represents consumers whose personal information has been compromised and/or shared with or intercepted by third parties as well as businesses that are financially harmed by data breaches and data privacy violations. 

Among the Firm’s successes is reaching a $39.3 million settlement on behalf of a class of financial institutions that had to reissue payment cards after a data breach at Target exposed their customers’ information. 

The Firm currently represents clients whose health care providers installed code on their websites and mobile applications that intercepted patients’ communications with their health care providers and sent their personal health information to third party companies without patients’ consent. This sensitive health information included specifics about patient status, medications patients were prescribed, health conditions, test results, vaccination status, among other things.

Consumers have a right to know how information they provide to health care providers and other companies is being used and to control who has access to this sensitive, personal information. Be it thorough federal statutes like the Electronic Communications Protection Act, or state laws like biometric protection and invasion of privacy statutes, Kessler Topaz is here to protect your rights and seek just compensation for past wrongs.