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Kessler Topaz is Excited to Support the Launch of StePs - Association of Stewardship Professionals

September 19, 2022

Kessler Topaz is excited to support the launch of StePs© - the Association of Stewardship Professionals. Just as with other recognized professions, investor stewardship stands to benefit from an institution that brings together practitioners, as well as people outside the profession, to improve the quality of training and education, establish professional qualifications and credentials, and support practitioners in career development.

StePs’ central undertaking was to develop a rigorous internationally-recognized professional credential for stewardship practitioners - the Certified Stewardship Professional (CSP©). The educational requirements for the CSP© will build on curricula already being delivered by respected providers of training on environmental sustainability, socially-responsible investment and good corporate governance (such as the International Corporate Governance Network’s signature Governance, Stewardship and Sustainability course). StePs© is a global institution, availing itself of blended and distance learning technologies to ensure accessibility in all capital markets.

In addition to providing stewardship professionals with a platform for training, testing and credentialing, as a not-for-profit member association, StePs© is serving as a natural focal point for promoting high ethical standards and broad recognition of the stewardship profession.

Please use the following link to register for the launch: