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In Loving Memory of
Kathy L. Vander Veur

Kathy Vander Veur was a beloved and loyal employee at Kessler Topaz for over twenty years. Kathy passed away on July 8, 2019 after a valiant battle against cancer. Kathy served in numerous important administrative and creative roles at the Firm over her two decades of employment and cared as much about the Firm and its success as anyone. Kathy was a kind and empathetic person that had a particular passion for animals, especially horses and her cat Frodo. Kathy was very private about her fight with cancer and the pain that she was enduring, as she did not want sympathy or anyone to treat her differently. In fact, she would probably be mad about this memorial page! Kathy will be missed by her family and many close friends at the Firm and beyond.
Kathy L. Vander Veur
1954 - 2019

"Remember Me"

By Margaret Mead; Adapted by Michele Hilton
To the living, I am gone.
To the sorrowful, I will never return.
To the angry, I was cheated.
To the happy, I am at peace.
And to the faithful, I have never left.
Though I cannot be seen, I can be heard.
So as you stand upon at the shore, gazing at the beautiful sea
Remember Me
Remember Me
As you look upon the tulip and admire its simplicity -
Remember Me
As you look at the color pink and all her different shades -
Remember Me
As you watch Holiday movies on Lifetime or Hallmark;
As you pass by or attend the Devon Horse show;
As you stop in or pass by a Starbucks;
Or if you ever hear the name Frodo - Remember Me
As you run reports or type entries in Juris;
As you use work stationery;
As you pass by my office;
Or as you read our quarterly newsletter, The Bulletin;
Remember Me
As you watch World News Tonight with David Muir;
As you watch any movie with Viggo Mortensen;
As you watch the movie, "War of the Worlds" - Remember Me
As you celebrate my favorite holiday,
the creepy and haunting Halloween -
Remember Me

To My KTMC Family...

As you attend holiday parties at The Paramour;
When you hear a winter storm is coming -
Remember Me
And as you continue to play Powerball and Mega Millions -
Remember Me

Back in February, Kathy shared with me a dream that our group won
and shared again with me on July 3rd.
Kathy said, 'my dreams come true, so don't give up!'

Remember Kathy in your heart
Your thoughts, your memories of:
- the times we loved,
- the times we cried,
- the times we fought,
- the times we laughed,

For if you always think of her, she will never be gone.
Remember Me
Remember Me
Remember Me

Kathy, may you always rest in peace.