Portfolio Monitoring

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Kessler Topaz attorneys and staff work with our clients to identify, monitor, analyze, and investigate potential securities fraud, corporate mismanagement, and other fiduciary or shareholder claims. 

For institutional fiduciaries, monitoring and protecting investments is as important as selecting them. But how do you keep track of a diverse, active, and global securities portfolio without creating a more than full-time job? Our portfolio monitoring services, proprietary SecuritiesTracker program, is the answer.

SecuritiesTracker Makes it Easy

Through SecuritiesTracker, we identify virtually every shareholder related action from jurisdictions around the globe that impacts your investments, puts it on your radar screen early, analyzes your legal options and monitors it all the way through resolution and disbursement of any recovery. Simply put, SecuritiesTracker is a must-have solution to fulfill your fiduciary obligations.

The SecuritiesTracker program includes:

  • Email alerts 
  • New case summaries and analyses
  • Quarterly reports
  • Claims filing and auditing
  • Customized settlement charts

Up-to-Date Information

SecuritiesTracker works 24/7, 365 days a year. So even when you’re at a conference, on an airplane or in another time zone, we protect your portfolio. Learn more and see a demo at www.SecuritiesTracker.com

Customized Reports

SecuritiesTracker reports are based on your transactional history, which you provide to us. You’ll receive only information that affects securities in your portfolio without wading through a lot of extraneous material.

Readily Accessible

Using SecuritiesTracker, you may keep information on cases and settlements in a central location where it may be retrieved on demand by multiple people in your organization. Your reports are provided online, and are fully viewable and downloadable on multiple platforms.

Private and Secure

The security of your transactional data is of paramount concern to us.

We provide an SFTP enabled FIPS 140-2 compliant server for our clients to transfer data securely to our Data Centers. All client transactional data is stored on access restricted servers. Data is stored in PGP encrypted files. User level access controls that follow the least privilege principle are applied.

Transactional data is regularly backed up and replicated between geographically diverse sites enabling us to continue business and prevent interruption of service during and after a disaster.

We engage an outside security firm to audit access to our systems, conduct internal and external vulnerability testing, and educate us on the latest cyber threats.

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"Kessler Topaz's claims filing service is an added value to the strong litigation skills they are providing to our fund. They have helped us recover settlement dollars we might have otherwise missed..."

Scott W. Jarvis
Retirement Administrator
Imperial County Employees Retirement System